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Kick Start Soccer offers after school football coaching to Key Stage 1 and 2 students.

We believe that our coaching sessions will enhance the children’s FUNdamental movement skills. Applying the FA Youth coaching philosophy the sessions will raise self-esteem, motivate and enhance positive decision making skills. progressive coaching sessions to enhance development in a FUN, healthy and nurturing environment.

About the Programme:

Key Stage 1:

  • FUN warm up games to set a positive start and raise motivation.
  • FUN football movement to develop the ABCS -agility, balance, co-ordination and speed.
  • Small sided games to give an understanding of the game, enabling lots of touches on the ball to increase positive decision making and confidence.

Key Stage 2:

  • FUN warm up games to set a positive start and raise motivation.
  • Technical training to develop technique.
  • Introduction to tactical aspects of the game.
  • Small sided games to increase understanding and technical and tactical development.

Key Stage 3 Development Training:
Kick Start Soccer is delighted to offer football development programmes for key stage 3 football teams. Each development programme is set up in a structured and progressive way to increase the understanding of the game. The planned sessions consist of 1 – 1.5 hour coaching along with game day coaching over 12+ weeks. The sessions focus on:

  • Technical Training
  • Tactical Training
  • Laws and understanding of the game
  • Sportsmanship and Fair Play
  • How to function as a team

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