How did players such as Luis Figo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho and Roberto Carlos develop skills that set them apart from other players?

The answer is they all played Futsal!

Ages: 7-12 years

Coming back in 2022!

Venue: Maidenhead Community Centre

About the Programme:
Futsal is the indoor version of association football and is officially sanctioned by the English Football Association as well as UEFA and FIFA. Its name is derived from the Portuguese futebol de salão, and the Spanish fútbol sala, both of which mean hall football.

Futsal is played between two teams of five players, one of which is the goalkeeper; in addition each team may have a number of substitutes. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the field is delimited by lines, and not nets or boards which the ball may be played off. The ball used tends to be heavier so promotes better ball control skills as well as passing on the ground. Furthermore the smaller area of play further forces players to improve their skills and decision making.

The benefits of Futsal:

  • Lots of touches on the ball enhancing technique, building confidence
  • Manipulating the ball in tight areas
  • Increased opportunities for decision making in a skilled practice
  • The need for movement to increase conditioning and enhance spatial awareness
  • Heavier ball increases power
  • The opportunity to be creative

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